Green mini PCB with a black IC chip

MARND electronics, a 2018 Summary

HAPPY 2019. We wish you a prosperous year filled with successful ventures. Last year was an exciting one for us.
Prince Hassan
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These are the main highlights of MARND progress throughout 2018.

IoT venture

MARND has finally ventured into IoT devices. We managed to develop our first IoT device, fully monitored and controllable via WiFi. This adds to MARND previous experience and expertise designing mechanical, electric, and electronic systems.

Team expansion

Last year, we welcomed new members to our team, from two additional countries. Our team is still relatively small, but we are now able to handle double the number of projects simultaneously. We look forward to adding more members this year to expand our ability to take on more projects even further.

Trademark expansion

This year MARND managed to expand its trademark authority. Our trademark now covers 84 product/service categories under 4 classes.