Design for Manufacturing Plans

Degree Sign design for manufacturing plans suit startups and large enterprise alike.

If you are an individual with ideas, a startup with big plans, a business that wants to participate in the marketplace, or represent an enterprise looking to develop a mass-producible consumer product. These plans are our answer to the ever-popular question: how much does design for manufacturing cost?


Technical guidance
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Build simple products
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Build complex products
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How to start a project?

If your company is an established business, contact us with a short description of your product. We normally get back to such inquires within one (1) business day. You can also book a meeting with our CEO to discuss your project.

How can startups get started?

If your company is a startup there is a package tailored to your needs for €990 fixed fee.

Click "Start Now" to buy the package through PayPal. Once the payment is done, you will be redirected to a booking page for the project planning call that is free of charge (included in the startup package). There you can type-in your project brief in the message box and suggest times you are available for the project planning call.

The package covers the planning consultation call, development plan, and conceptual development. These should help you get additional funding needed for full product development and manufacturing.

What is design for manufacturing?

Design for manufacturing or manufacturability (DFM) is an approach meant to optimise designs for manufacturing. A common aspect of the process is ensuring material thickness of a given part is within manufacturing limits based on the knowledge of the part material and its manufacturing process.

What does Degree Sign design?

We develop mechanical and electronic consumer products. We have so far worked on products from a broad range of industries, e.g. outdoor tools, electronic gadgets, wellness devices, homeware, food and beverages, among others.

How long is project duration?

New consumer products can take a few weeks up to a few months or more, depending on the product complexity. Simple mechanical or electronic products usually take less than 6 months.

What is our hourly rate?

Projects, we quote based on complexity and timelines. Quotes usually depend on the number of weeks a given project requires.

How do we manufacture?

We manage manufacturing based on your needs within our network of trusted suppliers. We can also provide on-site product support.

What is communication format?

We send monthly or weekly meeting depending on product development complexity and timelines. We can also conduct on-site meetings at various stages of the project, depending on your team needs.

Which countries do we serve?

We serve companies across the globe. Our team can also travel to your location based on the project needs.

Have more questions?

Kindly visit our contact page to send us your questions.