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Friday, September 5, 2014

Finding manufacturers for a new product

If you are wondering how to get your product manufactured, this is where you can find manufacturers.
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This process requires not only knowing where to find them but using selection criteria to find one perfect for your specific project.

Where to find manufacturers

There are plenty of places where manufacturers can be found to get your product manufactured that one can find it difficult to begin. You can’t go wrong with starting your search on the internet. However, here are the best places to start once online:


Google’s search engine has helped many people find what they are looking for time and time again. But people have become accustomed to finding what they need on the first page of the search results. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer bothers to stay up to date with the current search engine guidelines for making their websites rank. You might want to do a thorough search and go beyond that first page if you want to get your product manufactured.


Directories are another great place since manufacturers use them to set up profiles with all their contact information. Here you might be presented with hundreds of results and you need to take your time and sort through them. Popular directories to find manufacturers include Oberlo, Sourcify, Alibaba and AliExpress.


If you want to know how to manufacture a product idea, try asking people in your network; you can be directed to the best manufacturers quickly. Even though some people may be unwilling or reluctant to share their contacts, it never hurts to ask. Also, you can join a number of online business forums and ask around. There are even Facebook groups that can help you achieve this goal.


Although all the options outlined above can surely help, none of them can beat an agency. Hiring one when you want to know how to get a product manufactured is the quickest and easiest option. Not only that, they will search their extensive networks and find you a manufacturer that is the right fit, saving you a lot of time and money.

Before choosing a manufacturer

If you have decided to find a product manufacturer yourself, you need to know how to separate the best from the rest. Not doing this when getting your product manufactured can lead to a lengthy and costly choosing process.

Do the following to narrow down your search for the perfect manufacturer:

  • Take your time: Do not go with the first option. Make a shortlist of manufacturers you think are the perfect fit and get to know them. What attributes do you desire? Make a list and compare the options.
  • Check what other companies they have worked with: If the manufacturer has made products for a number of successful companies in your industry, that is a good sign. Always work with reputable manufacturers.
  • Know the size of their operation: The bigger the factory, the better. This probably means they have been around for a while and have the capacity and experience to take on your project. The opposite might be true if the manufacturer is small.
  • Know where they get their components: If they use standard components in manufacturing, make sure they are getting them from high-quality sources. Low-quality components can degrade the quality of the product and even make it dangerous. This is not good for your bottom line.
  • Choose someone to partner with: If you want to keep the cost of manufacturing the product down, pick a manufacturer willing to provide quality at a reasonable price. Picking one who wants to partner with you can help grow your business and ensure its continued existence.

Finding a manufacturer to get your product manufactured is not an easy task. You need to know where to look and what to look for. Hopefully, with the aforementioned tips, you can find one who is a perfect fit and get your product to the market.