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Saturday, July 5, 2014

6 Benefits of sketching new ideas pre-design

Sketching is an essential aspect of any design project. Even with advances in CAD, design still starts with a sketch.
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With computer-aided design (CAD) software readily available these days, people are beginning to wonder if sketching is dead in the world of overall world. Why is sketching so important in product design? Here are a few reasons.

Sketching allows for creativity

When it's just pen and paper, many people discover that they are less worried about perfection and just let their ideas flow and evolve. Since one’s first sketch is hardly ever the best one, it is a good idea to let ideas evolve with each sketch. This unleashes a massive amount of creativity and can make the design process fun and enjoyable as well.

Sketching saves time

Once people boot up their favourite CAD software, they spend a lot of time refining and tweaking their design. Rather go through that time-consuming process, it is much easier and quicker to try out different variations through sketching first. With the sketch ready, one can significantly reduce the time it takes to come up with a design using design software.

Sketching fosters group work

When part of a team, sketching makes for productive and efficient brainstorming sessions. Each member can quickly sketch out their ideas and team members can provide valuable feedback and suggestions for revisions. After rounds of reviewing the sketches, the best ones can be consolidated into the main design after a group vote to make it more cohesive.

Sketching improves communication

Sketching is one of the best ways to sell designs to clients. Once clients see sketches, they can easily tell whether the designer has understood their requirements or not. If they don’t like something, another sketch can be produced for approval. It that way, the clients become more involved in the process, making it easier to overcome any hurdles in communication.

Sketching helps us to remember ideas

Inspiration for product design can come at any moment; it could be while taking a walk or riding the train. Relying solely on design software means that one would have to wait until they are in front of a computer to work on it. As many things can happen between now and then, the idea can be forgotten. But when sketch pad is always on hand, the idea can be sketched immediately while the details are still fresh in the mind.

Sketching is for everyone

While drawing requires a great deal of skill and talent, sketching simple diagrams does not – anyone can do it. Sketches do not have to look pretty; they are rough ideas that will be refined in another part of the design process anyway. As one continues to sketch regularly, they become good at it, meaning the sketches naturally start looking better and better.

With the reasons outlined above, it is easy to conclude that sketching makes one a better product designer. Perhaps this is one of the biggest reasons why sketching is important. When people rush to use design software, they miss out on a fun and essential part of designing products for consumers.