You can visit our website to copy the degree sign symbol whenever you need it, but here are other methods too.

Degree sign on mobile

Degree sign on Android

For Android, it depends on which keyboard you are using for SWIFT keyboard go to the numbers then click on “more symbols” icon,there you will find the degree sign °

Degree sign on iPhone

For iOS, it is now as easy as pressing and holding the “0” key on your keyboard and degree sign will show up.

Degree sign on keyboard

Degree sign on Windows

For Windows, there is a cool trick for not only writing the degree sign °, but also to get any popular emoji. Hold “Windows” key then press the “dot” key, which often has “.” symbol on it. Once clicked,you will get a menu with all kinds of emojis and symbols click on the omega symbol, which looks like a horseshoe “Ω”. You will have a sub-menu there at the bottom choose the icon furthest on the left which is represented by the bracket symbol “<“. Now scroll one down line and you will find the degreesign ° “Windows” + “.”

Degree sign on Mac

I had to consult the internet to know how the process for Macintosh and it seems much easier than Windows, just click “Shift” + “Option” + “8”

Degree sign in software

Degree sign in Word

Microsoft has a detailed guide with photos on the topic. First select the location where your degree sign has to go, then open the “Insert” menu and click “Symbols” represented by omega symbol “Ω”. Click“More Symbols”, choose “Latin-1 Supplement” font from drop-menu, there you will find the degree sign °. Although, I think the Windows shortcut explained up is much easier.

Degree sign alt code

There is another method that works for virtually any software on Windows too, and it requires holding down “Alt” key, while typing the numbers 176. However, that last option did not work for me “Alt”+ “0176”

Degree sign on the web

As mentioned copying and pasting the degree sign is still a very practical method given most methods are at least slightly complicated. A website was made just for that some time ago.

Prince Hassan

By Prince Hassan

20+ years of experience in products research and development (R&D) and expert in design for manufacturing (DFM). Founder and CEO of DegreeSign.