MARND various divisions used to have different websites, i.e. mainly marndLife, MARND aero, MARND Studio, and lately MARND Blog. These have all been merged into one website under different sub-folders. While the polygon logo was updated to be more approachable and memorable.

New website

The new website created at the base of the domain was developed to be easily accessible and responsive on various devices. The logo has taken a back seat and moved to top left corner. The menu was simplified.

The blog section of the website was upgraded using the latest coding for maximum usability and ease of share in various social media channels. Blog articles were aggregated into more comprehensive articles. Older blog links were redirected to maintain search engines accessibility.

The new website load time is at a record low, although more videos were added to keep up with the global trend towards more video content.

MARND logo

The logo design was programmed using Autodesk Fusion 360 and polished using GIMP. The logo is designed to be more approachable and welcoming.

MARND logos overlap animation of older logo with the newer one

MARND logo has gone through a significant transformation over the years. The diagram below captures this evolution that started five years ago.

Timeline of MARND logos since 2013
Timeline of MARND logos since 2013

The new logo design is an adaptation from our older logo where the number of edges got reduced from 6 straight to 2 curved edges. The older logo was an adaptation from a measuring device called the Vernier Caliper measuring the diameter of a cylindrical object.

The newer logo kept the right angle and the cross-section of the cylinder.  It also maintained the use of the two most important engineering colours orange and blue. The logo was rotated by 90 degrees to face upwards holding the orange circle from falling, to convey commitment.

The right angle in the logo was maintained, but the shape was transformed to resemble an arc surrounding the circle.

Prince Hassan

By Prince Hassan

20+ years of experience in products research and development (R&D) and expert in design for manufacturing (DFM). Founder and CEO of DegreeSign.