R&D strategy

Research and development strategy

Our new product research and development strategy session is the best framework to plan new product development. Work with an experienced professional to plan your next product.
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✓ Planning call

A 2 hour call session to understand plan your project. The time for this session is arranged during our first call. Identify project objectives, expectations, and root-causes of various challenges. Assess the technical feasibility of the project and set next steps.
Our project planning call can also identify:
° Design direction, e.g. plastic vs metal
° Technology direction, e.g. old vs new
° Fabrication direction, e.g. forming vs machining
° First iteration/patch cost estimations

✓ Development plan

A written plan tailored to your project. It starts with a concluded brief, and goes through the execution methodology and recommended production options.
The product development plan includes a breakdown of the product development stages with their estimated cost along an expected timeline. The development plan can also be visualised as a mind map diagram.