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Research and Development R&D

Research and development R&D of new products in every field using a structured process to reach the next big thing.

Research and Development R&D

July 5, 2020

Physical product development process basics

The process is as simple as research, concept, design, test, and then produce. However, one needs to utilise experience.

Research and Development R&D

June 5, 2020

Practical modern PCB design with rigid-flex

PCBs form an integral part of modern products and serve as bridges between components. Now, they are evolving.

Research and Development R&D

December 5, 2019

5 Reasons for the brushless motor revolution

For over a century, brushed motors were used in almost every device. Today they are being replaced by the future engine.

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Research and Development R&D

IoT product design, its industry and benefits

IoT devices give new life to existing technology, allow them to get online and help with inter devices communication.

Research and Development R&D

The 20 volts USB-C simplifies everything

The new rounded connector is to replace the common rectangular Type-A connectors in most of today's consumer gadgets.

Research and Development R&D

Patents 5 benefits and 5 mistakes to avoid

The right to exclusively use an idea is very attractive and can be very beneficial, provided some mistakes are avoided.