R&D company

Research and development company turning ideas into manufacturable designs

Simple and clear value for research and development.
A team looking at a computer, while smiling. The light shining down on them and a robot arm is in the background.

R&D Concept Sketch

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Concept design using hand sketching

R&D CAD Design

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CAD design of an assembly

R&D Electronics Design

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Assembling an electronic design of PCB

R&D Product Prototype

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3D printing a product prototype

Global Clients

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Toothbrush holder made of stainless steel

R&D homeware products

Build user friendly products that are optimised for manufacturing to increase success probability.
M2 robotic module in orange colour with a matte black end.

R&D electronics products

Integrate mechanics and electronics for maximum product performance and efficency.
HG2 halogenerator left ISO view

R&D industrial products

Design custom industrial products tailored to business operational needs.
Disinfectant pump in a transparent shell, showcasing its internal components and PCB.

R&D trending products

Quickly respond to market trends and benefit from the competition gap.
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Product Research

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Sketching icon, showing a digital pencil, a square, and a circle.

Product Development

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Gear with a light bulb icon in grey

Product Manufacturing

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A photo of mini disinfectant pump early model showing the inlet and outlet and motion sensor
Research and development of a compact disinfectant pump with motion detection to automatically decontaminate surfaces at quarantine access points.
Halogenerator early model
Research and development of a custom halogenerator for SaltCave with online connectivity to facilitate and streamline commercial management of multiple devices.
Electronic cane early production unit
Research and development of eCane for Tasneem, an affordable electronic cane for visually impaired users, allowing them to visualise objects ahead using ultrasound.
travel bottle early production unit
Led the manufacturing for Golchi, a dual travel bottle for hot and cold drinks. They had raised USD 400k and were looking to ramp up mass-production.
pocketable wooden coloured tool with gold trim
Research and development of araaq pocketable tool, grouping important personal care items, i.e. a natural toothbrush, mints, and a tiny refillable perfume tube.
Double glass cup with turquoise lid.
Research and development of the next generation Chuester double glass cup using the same beautiful transparency while making it easier to manufacture and use.