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Team looking at a computer, while smiling, with the light shining down on them.
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Sketch of scooter handle bars featuring yellow turning signal lights.

Develop your ideas

An idea is not enough on its own. The development process has many elements and needs design for manufacturing. At our company, we help you complete projects successfully.
Our clients range from those who come to us with an idea to those who seek final product design for manufacturing.

Plan Products

design for manufacturing product research, image showing trends chart

Design Products

design for manufacturing product design, image showing CAD design of a hinge part

Make Products

design for manufacturing product manufacturing, image showing CNC milling tool
Screenshot from a CAD software interface featuring an assembly with dimensions overlay on a blue background.

What you get

Partnering with us, you can focus on marketing and sales, while we design and make a great within your budget.
° Differentiate your products
° Expand your market share
° Make new products
° Enter new markets
° Elevate your brand
Toothbrush holder made of stainless steel

Minimalist holder organiser
for toothbrushes and shaving razors

Design simple products

° Build simple products that are easy to manufacture while providing high margins.
° Get a written development plan tailored to your business needs with the execution methodology and recommended production options.
° Identify product development stages along their estimated cost and timelines.
M2 robotic module in orange colour with a matte black end.

Modular robotic actuator

for cobot robotic arm

Utilise mechatronics

° Integrate mechanical and electronic design to achieve efficiency in functionality, manufacturing, and deployment.
° Add value and increase margins by replacing bulky components with compact mechatronic modules, combining mechanical, electric, and electronic functions.
° Tap into IoT (internet of things) market and utilise new compact chips to produce connected smart products.
HG2 halogenerator right ISO view

IoT salt halogenerator
for salt-caves and salt-room spas

Build specialised tools

° Design custom tools for your industry suited to your in-house needs and save on capital and operational costs.
° Incorporate ready industrial modules into the design and get a product prototype to validate the product design.
° Make specific customisation to streamline your operation, e.g. reduce maintenance and simplify your SOP (standard operating procedure).
MD1 disinfectant pump dimensions

Compact motion-activated pump
for disinfectant spray at entrance points

Respond to market needs

° Quickly response to market needs and trends by utilising practical product design to fill the gap.
° Define the main BOM (bill of materials) and potential manufacturers with relevant experience.
° Send RFQ (request for quotation) and start the manufacturing process.